How to get rid of heartburn

Heartburn really has no relation to the heart. It is digestive problem that involves acid from the stomach traveling up into the esophagus. Heartburn is a common condition and can be cured in many ways. In fact, there are many natural heartburn cures that work.

The fastest way to treat a heartburn is really simple. It’s the most natural item and it’s available in your kitchen. So what’s the treatment?


If you have a heartburn, drink about 200ml of plain water. You see, water will help flush the acid from your throat back to your stomach. You can feel the relief almost instantly, with a couple of burbs due to chemical reactions.

To prevent heartburn, it is important to know that the main cause of heartburn is food. When people eat some foods it just naturally causes their stomach acid to build up and travel to the esophagus. Foods that are caffeinated, spicy or fatty seem to be the biggest culprits. Since heartburn is often just a nuisance and not a really huge health concern, people often look for natural cures to help ease their suffering.

One of the most obvious ways to cure heartburn naturally is by avoiding the foods that trigger it. A person can monitor their diet and heartburn episodes to figure out what is causing their heartburn to occur. Then they can simply avoid the foods that act as the trigger.

There are other natural heartburn cures that can be easy to try. In India where spicy foods are common and thus so is heartburn, they chew on a basil leaf. The Native Americans has been using rhubarb as a natural cure. Peppermint is also thought to help some people, but in other it may actually be a heartburn trigger, so be careful with that. Sucking on a hard candy has also been found to be great at curing heartburn. When a person is sucking on the hard candy they are swallowing more often which helps to keep the acid in the stomach. These natural cures for heartburn all try to help you once an attack starts and are a great alternative to medications.


The treatment method you choose is good as long as it works for you. However, prolonged heartburn or episodes that occur too often can lead to troubles with your esophagus. Using a natural heartburn cure is something that you can easily do without the interference of a doctor and that is why many people prefer it, but if you have a lot of problems with heartburn then you should really see a doctor. So, if natural heartburn cures work for you then go ahead and use them, but don’t be afraid of seeing the doctor if you can not get your heartburn under control.

So, feel free to try the natural heartburn cures and if they work for you then that is great, but if they do not seem to help then you really should seek medical advice.

If seeking advice is something that you may not be looking forward to, how about visiting this website and find out how you can get rid of heartburn and potential acid reflux problem?



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